About Alarous

ALAROUS is an integrated community

Our community is designed with fundamental elements that promote a healthy lifestyle with a variety of essential facilities.

ALAROUS community is designed to include basic elements that enhance communication and interaction between residents and encourage a healthy lifestyle with a variety of essential facilities such as hospitals, medical centers, schools, mosques, daily shopping places, and distinct secondary facilities such as:

Distinct facilities:

  • Public Parks
  • Playgrounds
  • Entertainment areas
  • Retail and grocery
  • Community centers
  • Restaurants and cafes

ALAROUS community takes into account the difference in population density from one region to another, and was designed in a manner to commensurate with the aspirations of the Saudi society.

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The masterplan of ALAROUS was developed with the concept of sustainable development to achieve an aspirational urban environment that enhances the interaction between humans and the urban landscape.

Masterplanning Design Principles

Residential Quality

ALAROUS offers a diverse mix of housing typologies in terms of shape, size and density. This capitalises on the model of “work, live and play” within the community. It is designed to adopt smart city technology to achieve the overall quality of life. The residents can experience outdoor leisure facilities to encourage healthy lifestyles and participate in sport and physical recreation. .

Accessible Amenities

ALAROUS offers easy access to a set of community-centric amenities within walking distance to residents. This includes but is not limited to city centre shopping centres, smaller local community retail hubs, schools, mosques, community centres, parks, playgrounds, and other amenities. The vision is to offer the highest quality of open spaces as per Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs and Quality of Life standards.

Community Cohesion

ALAROUS is built to accommodate diversity and inclusivity that enable the community to integrate all members of society cohesively. The robust town centres and open spaces offer residents an engaging platform to foster the spirit of community development.

Environmental Quality

Environmental Quality ALAROUS enhances and leverages the natural endowments. This applies to improve micro-climate conditions. The landscaping is carefully designed to contain noise and pollution. The aim is to promote high quality and environmentally sustainable architecture and public realm.


ALAROUS facilitates easy use of non-motorised modes of transportation by offering dedicated pathways for lightweight vehicles such as bicycles, e-bikes, electric scooters, skateboards, and other similar means in non-road areas. The internal public transportation system is efficiently integrated with fast access to the city’s main public transit stations.

Social Infrastructure

ALAROUS design plans offer a variety of social infrastructure assets that are accessible to all, including people with special needs. It promotes social interaction by inviting active use of open spaces. The highlight is to improve the overall pedestrian experience considering a climate responsive design. The ultimate goal is to successfully deliver on the objectives highlighted in Vision 2030 in relation to vibrant communities building.


ROSHN's mandate is to develop large-scale modern and integrated communities,and localize global best practice to raise standards of living across the Kingdom

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